Hi everyone!

To quote one of our favourite artists, it’s been a while.

You’ll probably have noticed that our output has been a little bit inconsistent over the last year or so. The specifics of the reasons behind this aren’t really important, but the gist is that Track 7 is a passion project, and something that has unfortunately had to take the hit when other work or personal issues have arisen. The last year, in particular, has been really challenging for all of us and for a while we were leaning towards putting the site to rest.

But then we thought, fuck that. We’re so proud of everything we’ve done so far, proud of all our writers who have gone on to write for other publications, or who are still working on honing their craft. We’re proud of our ethic and proud to tell stories we care about.

So we’re gonna keep truckin’. But first, we’re giving that truck a bit of a makeover.

Co-creators and editors Ryan De Freitas and Rob Barbour will be stepping down and moving on to other projects. We wish them every success with whatever they do in the future.

It’s a genuine delight to bring Kristy Diaz on board as Co-Editor alongside Jade Curson. Kristy has been with us as a writer from the very start of Track 7 and honestly the site wouldn’t be what it is without her. It’s hugely exciting to be working with her on a bigger scale going forward.

Which brings us to the site itself. We love what we do at Track 7, but we want to do more of it. More writing, more bands, and more lovely stuff for you. Most of all, we want to be able to offer more to our contributors. We stand by our original message that helping writers expand and improve their work is a really important goal, but we also believe artists, writers, contributors of any kind should be paid for their work, and we hate that we haven’t had the resources to put our money where our mouths are on that front.

So, we’re launching a Patreon, with the aim of being able to do more cool stuff, and more importantly, so we can pay contributors fairly for what they do. We’ll be offering various rewards for patrons, and we hope that those of you who like what we do would be willing to keep our lil’ DIY platform going.

We’re working on loads of cool stuff at the moment, but we’re also working this all out as we go, so forgive us for not divulging all the details yet. Keep yr peepers peeled for more updates in the next few weeks.

Track 7 is fucking dead. Long live Track 7 🖤