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Hurry: Between Worlds

Matt Scottoline speaks to Rob Mair about existing in the space between punk ethos and pop sensibility


Fightmilk: “As we got more well-adjusted as people, the world got more fucked”

Rob Mair speaks to London indie-punks Fightmilk about their second album, Contender, and shaking off those pesky Britpop comparisons

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Salem: Certified Freak, Seven Days A Week

Will Gould speaks to Track 7’s spooky-bitch-in-residence Alma R about why goth is a lifestyle, not a phase.


Introducing: Animal Byproducts

Editor Jade Curson takes a deep dive on the Manchester ‘parp-punks’ second EP, Attempts At Understanding


Stillhungry: “We complete each other”

In comparison to its 2019 predecessor, their sophomore record presents an even more confident version of the band, with a fully-fledged identity and personality.


Kali Masi Level Up

“word of mouth, a ferocious touring ethic and some very smart music videos has helped put Kali Masi on the road to breaking out”


Tigers Jaw: “I want to be remembered as a band who loved what they were doing”

Adulthood can change people, often forcing arbitrary deadlines and a reprioritisation of goals. But while the current climate makes planning things such as tours more uncertain, the band is more hungry for their future than ever.