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Onsind: “We Are Never Breaking Up”

Ahead of their new album, Jade Curson talks to Onsind about longevity, accountability, and punching Nazis

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Full Collapse On Impact

Kristy Diaz reflects on her relationship with Thursday’s Full Collapse, the album that changed her life.


The Lonesome Crowded (Pacific North) West

Against a backdrop of geographical isolation and the creeping influence of gentrification, the Pacific Northwest continues to produce stellar new bands. Rob Mair looks at some of the emerging acts from a scene that rarely disappoints…

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Chelsea Wolfe: “I don’t want to waste creative energy on hate.”

“People try to put words in artists’ mouths. But I know who I am.”

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Manchester Orchestra: Stick to the Strange

Five albums in, Atlanta’s finest talk creativity, comfort zones and Kanye.


Hayley Williams: “It was a lightning in a bottle moment”

Paramore’s frontwoman talks Riot!, self-reflection and personal growth with T7 editor, Ryan De Freitas

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Vodun: “It’s cool to be weird”

By Rich Hobson Picture by Stephen Curry Coventry may not be the spiritual capital of the UK, but it does have its own ghostly connections (most famously as The Specials’ titular ‘Ghost Town’). Although less bleak than depicted in that late-70s portrait, Coventry is still an inauspicious place for an up-and-coming metal band to kick off a mini UK tour. […]

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My Own Worst Enemy: Chronic Illness & Music Fandom

By Kathryn Black After five years of blood tests and failed prescriptions, I finally received a diagnosis. In a blur of medical terminology – antibodies, toxicity, hyperthyroidism –  I found out that I have Graves’ Disease. Graves’ is an illness that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid (the gland that controls brain function, digestive system, bone maintenance and […]


sleepmakeswaves – Made Of Breath Only

By Rich Hobson Subgenres can be ridiculous. From ‘goblin metal’ (which surprisingly wasn’t made up by the NME) to ‘sadcore’, rock bands are increasingly trying their hand at self-identification. But then, who can blame them? With over five decades of releases, innovations and experimentation, no genre is quite so complex or bloated with sub-genres as rock and metal. In its perpetual […]