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Track 7 AOTY 2018

In an exceptional year for music, we made some lists and wrote some words. Here are those things.


Taliesyn Källström: Renaissance Woman

Rich Hobson speaks to Estrons’ frontwoman Talisyn Källström about their debut album, finding her voice, and Having It All.


Great Wight Hope

Mia Hughes speaks to the Brooklyn punks’ vocalist about belonging, connection and their brilliant debut record.


Hit Like A Girl: “Things don’t change if we stay silent”

Ryan Wilkinson speaks to HLAG’s Nicolle Maroulis about their latest record What Makes Love Last, and the forces that shaped it.


Wild Pink: The Sweet Hereafter

Rob Mair discusses time, place, and everything after with Wild Pink


Shannen Moser Will Sing

Mia Hughes speaks with Shannen Moser about her stunning new record and the journey that lead to it.


Not Drowning, But Waving: Tru

Pat DeFrancisci tells Ryan Wilkinson why growing up is hard to do.