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Slaughter Beach, Dog: Anything But Safe

Jake Ewald talks to Mia Hughes about pushing boundaries and the more collaborative approach behind the latest Slaughter Beach, Dog record


Oso Oso: “It was time to try something new”

Mia Hughes speaks to Oso Oso’s Jade Lilitri about personal growth, and basking in the glow of ‘basking in the glow’.

Cover Story

Fresh: Unapologetically Vulnerable

Editor Jade Curson talks to Kathryn Woods of T7 faves Fresh about the band’s incredible touring schedule, representative line-ups, and becoming comfortable in sharing your vulnerability.


HalfNoise: In Bloom

Mia Hughes talks to Zac Farro about the latest HalfNoise record, and the importance of living authentically.


Svalbard: “We Stand For The Underdogs”

On their second album, 2018s ‘It’s Hard To Have Hope’, there’s no room for interpretation: Svalbard is fighting for the voiceless, and pushing the boundaries of metal in the process.


Therapy? In This Economy?: The Sunset Tree

Alma R. writes about their relationship to The Sunset Tree: a record that understood the experience of childhood trauma, violence and abuse – and provided a roadmap for survival.


Therapy? In This Economy?: Nanami Ozone, NO

In the first of a new essay series, editor Jade Curson discusses how Nanami Ozone’s sophomore album gave her emotional grounding when she needed it most.