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Typesetter: Ambitious Moves

Typesetter sit down for a chat with Ryan Wilkinson about tea, toxic masculinity and their latest record


ICYMI – Problem Daughter: Grow Up Trash

Rob Mair defends pop punk after hearing the latest offering from Problem Daughter


Field Medic: “Music is where the dark truths should go to live”

Mia Hughes talks to Kevin Patrick about vulnerability and the challenges of touring alone.


Okay, this time you can call it a comeback

Hi everyone! To quote one of our favourite artists, it’s been a while. You’ll probably have noticed that our output has been a little bit inconsistent over the last year or so. The specifics of the reasons behind this aren’t really important, but the gist is that Track 7 is a passion project, and something that has unfortunately had to […]


Track 7 AOTY 2018

In an exceptional year for music, we made some lists and wrote some words. Here are those things.


Taliesyn Källström: Renaissance Woman

Rich Hobson speaks to Estrons’ frontwoman Talisyn Källström about their debut album, finding her voice, and Having It All.


Great Wight Hope

Mia Hughes speaks to the Brooklyn punks’ vocalist about belonging, connection and their brilliant debut record.