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Bayside: “The UK’s always been a tough one for us.”

Anthony Raneri reflects on 10 years of The Walking Wounded


Jamie Lenman – “I will gladly call out my heroes”

Shortly before the release of his new album, Jade Curson sat down with Jamie Lenman to talk about Devolver, and the pressures of staying relevant.


Jeremy Enigk: “I’ve always seen it as bringing chaos into order”

David Pemberton speaks to the ex-Sunny Day Real Estate vocalist about his creative process, work ethic and new album, Ghosts.

Cover Story

Julien Baker: Under The Lights

Kristy Diaz speaks to the best young songwriter on the planet about her newly-released new record for our November cover story.


Hayley Williams: “It was a lightning in a bottle moment”

Paramore’s frontwoman talks Riot!, self-reflection and personal growth with T7 editor, Ryan De Freitas


Slingshot Dakota: “Calling out your friends is not fun. At all.”

Speaking to Kristy Diaz, Carly Comando dresses down the scene she’s part of.

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Vodun: “It’s cool to be weird”

By Rich Hobson Picture by Stephen Curry Coventry may not be the spiritual capital of the UK, but it does have its own ghostly connections (most famously as The Specials’ titular ‘Ghost Town’). Although less bleak than depicted in that late-70s portrait, Coventry is still an inauspicious place for an up-and-coming metal band to kick off a mini UK tour. […]