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Cover Story

Fresh: Unapologetically Vulnerable

Editor Jade Curson talks to Kathryn Woods of T7 faves Fresh about the band’s incredible touring schedule, representative line-ups, and becoming comfortable in sharing your vulnerability.


HalfNoise: In Bloom

Mia Hughes talks to Zac Farro about the latest HalfNoise record, and the importance of living authentically.


Svalbard: “We Stand For The Underdogs”

On their second album, 2018s ‘It’s Hard To Have Hope’, there’s no room for interpretation: Svalbard is fighting for the voiceless, and pushing the boundaries of metal in the process.


Therapy? In This Economy?: The Sunset Tree

Alma R. writes about their relationship to The Sunset Tree: a record that understood the experience of childhood trauma, violence and abuse – and provided a roadmap for survival.


Therapy? In This Economy?: Nanami Ozone, NO

In the first of a new essay series, editor Jade Curson discusses how Nanami Ozone’s sophomore album gave her emotional grounding when she needed it most.


Press Club: “We’re not DIY just to prove a point.” 

Rich Hobson speaks to Press Club about breaking the UK, and their latest record. Then, two months later, he speaks to them again about another UK tour and, can you believe, another new record???


Slaughter Beach, Dog: Safe and Also No Fear

“To style-hop yet still feel focused as the band does here is a testament to [Ewald’s] songwriting”