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Fightmilk: “As we got more well-adjusted as people, the world got more fucked”

Rob Mair speaks to London indie-punks Fightmilk about their second album, Contender, and shaking off those pesky Britpop comparisons

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Salem: Certified Freak, Seven Days A Week

Will Gould speaks to Track 7’s spooky-bitch-in-residence Alma R about why goth is a lifestyle, not a phase.


Introducing: Animal Byproducts

Editor Jade Curson takes a deep dive on the Manchester ‘parp-punks’ second EP, Attempts At Understanding


Stillhungry: “We complete each other”

In comparison to its 2019 predecessor, their sophomore record presents an even more confident version of the band, with a fully-fledged identity and personality.


Kali Masi Level Up

“word of mouth, a ferocious touring ethic and some very smart music videos has helped put Kali Masi on the road to breaking out”


Tigers Jaw: “I want to be remembered as a band who loved what they were doing”

Adulthood can change people, often forcing arbitrary deadlines and a reprioritisation of goals. But while the current climate makes planning things such as tours more uncertain, the band is more hungry for their future than ever.


In the driver’s seat with Adult Mom

“If you’re looking for an extended metaphor to make sense of the sudden loss of control over your life…you could certainly do worse than the image of being blindsided by a stranger in a truck.”