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Cover Story

Kamikaze Girls: Rebellion, Recovery & Everything In Between

For our June cover story, Kristy Diaz speaks to KG’s Lucinda Livingstone about excellent new album, Seafoam, and their journey so far.


Thrice: “We weren’t getting a fair shake of the dice.”

Thrice’s hiatus cleared the slate, and primed the band for their most successful album in a decade.


Gnarwolves: “Rockstars are dickheads”

Thom Weeks talks DIY, public perception and their brilliant new record, Outsiders

Cover Story

Tigers Jaw: Still Spinning

Ben Walsh talks adaptation and new horizons with Ryan De Freitas ahead of the release of Tigers Jaw’s fifth album


Alimony Hustle: “Everything is political.”

Kristy Diaz meets “the anti-White Stripes”, and learns why everyone should do what they want.


Slingshot Dakota: “Calling out your friends is not fun. At all.”

Speaking to Kristy Diaz, Carly Comando dresses down the scene she’s part of.

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My Own Worst Enemy: Chronic Illness & Music Fandom

By Kathryn Black After five years of blood tests and failed prescriptions, I finally received a diagnosis. In a blur of medical terminology – antibodies, toxicity, hyperthyroidism –  I found out that I have Graves’ Disease. Graves’ is an illness that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid (the gland that controls brain function, digestive system, bone maintenance and […]


sleepmakeswaves – Made Of Breath Only

By Rich Hobson Subgenres can be ridiculous. From ‘goblin metal’ (which surprisingly wasn’t made up by the NME) to ‘sadcore’, rock bands are increasingly trying their hand at self-identification. But then, who can blame them? With over five decades of releases, innovations and experimentation, no genre is quite so complex or bloated with sub-genres as rock and metal. In its perpetual […]


Backwards Dancer: …Is A Real Joy

By Rob Barbour Imagine a band with the dynamics and passion of Devil and God…-era Brand New, the heartfelt sincerity of Manchester Orchestra, and the melodic sensibility of Death Cab For Cutie. Now throw in a disregard for genre conventions that’s become Say Anything’s stock-in-trade. Is that something you might be interested in? Meet Backwards Dancer. The quartet hail from […]