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Press Club: “We’re not DIY just to prove a point.” 

Rich Hobson speaks to Press Club about breaking the UK, and their latest record. Then, two months later, he speaks to them again about another UK tour and, can you believe, another new record???


Slaughter Beach, Dog: Safe and Also No Fear

“To style-hop yet still feel focused as the band does here is a testament to [Ewald’s] songwriting”


Oso Oso: Basking In The Glow

Craig Howieson goes in deep on Oso Oso’s sophomore record


Diamond In The Riff: Team Sleep

Nich Sullivan does a deep dive into an unsung classic: Team Sleep’s 2005 self-titled debut


Laura Stevenson: “I tend to shrink when I shouldn’t”

Mia Hughes goes astronomical with Laura Stevenson, as they discuss her new record, The Big Freeze.

Cover Story

Petrol Girls: The Power Of Sound

Editor Kristy Diaz speaks to Ren Aldridge of Petrol Girls about their latest record, and the toll of fighting the good fight


The Ballad of Big Nothing

Pat Graham talks to Rob Mair about Spraynard’s legacy, starting anew, and the conflict of balancing ‘success’ with a DIY ethic.