On pages like this, you’re supposed to go into some long, drawn out spiel about how your website is going to change the world. But ours isn’t.

Instead, this is a music site that exists to make its writers better at writing and to give its readers substantial, high quality pieces to read. We’re going to do the first part by working closely with each and every writer we have on each and every piece they submit. Nothing you read on Track 7 will be a first draft. And the second part? Well, once you’ve taken care of the first, the second takes care of itself.

We won’t be posting any news, or rewriting press releases as reviews. We’re going to be writing things we want to write, because those are the things we’re most interested in reading. We’re going to be covering the bands that we believe are the most important.

And, most importantly, we hope you find some writing here that you can connect with in some way.