2018 is finally over! [airhorns]

Look, I think we all have our reasons, both personal and societal, for why this year sucked, so I won’t ramble on about global context or anything here. But one thing that made it even remotely bearable was the ridiculously hot form alternative music has been on for the last 12 months, with a whole bunch of incredible records coming out. And, as we’re a music site, we’re legally obligated to compile some of those records into lists for content, lest we be banished from the world wide web for good.

So, here they are. We’ve gone with individual writer lists and some words each on one of our favourites rather than one big site one because, hey, we all like different stuff and that should be represented. We almost allĀ really like Spanish Love Songs, mind.

Dig in, judge us for our tastes, and maybe check out some of the stuff you haven’t already. That’s kinda the point of these things, right? Well, other than giving music writers something to do in the quiet Christmas period. Cool.


– Ryan

Ryan De Freitas
Jade Curson
Rob Barbour
Kristy Diaz
Mia Hughes
Rich Hobson
Ryan Wilkinson
Rob Mair
Paris Fawcett