Wanna tell us that you think we’re rad? Cool! Wanna tell us that you think we’re terrible? Bit weird, but we can’t do much to stop you. All comments, requests, suggestions, fan mail, etc. should go to editor@trackseven.net and Jade or Kristy will get back to you as soon as they can.

Wanna write for us? Even cooler!
Please make sure you include:

– some examples of your work. This can be other from other publications or even a personal blog. If you don’t have any examples of your work, take a look at the things we cover and have a go at writing something you think would fit with our style. Working with writers to improve their skills is what we’re here to do, and so we need to get a sense of where you’re at with your writing.

–  a little information about yourself, and what you hope to get out of working with us. We’re a friendly bunch and we want to make sure all new and continuing writers are comfortable, safe and happy. Basically, don’t be a dick and we’ll get along just fine.

Oh and in case it wasn’t obvious: we have a strict No First Drafts policy here, so don’t hit us up if you’re not okay with the idea of being given feedback and re-working your writing.

Inclusivity is central to what we’re about, and we actively encourage a diverse range of voices – especially those under-represented in music journalism.